Hidden Agendas

You won’t see this in the media.

How many of times have we seen this predicate, even in just the past few weeks?

When I see this, I read it as, “What you’re about to read is almost certainly bullshit, coated thickly in the language of gravitas and erudition to make you think it’s truthful, even scholarly.”

The presumption is that “this” (whatever “this” might be) doesn’t show up in the media because either the media or the government are trying to hide “this” from you. That presumption ignores a simple truth: the media are made up of businesses, profit-making (they would hope) businesses. Nothing more. Their purpose, their corporate mission is not to inform, but to increase shareholder value, pay out pecuniary dividends.

To the media, time is the precious resource they must spend in order to make those profits, increase earnings, satisfy their shareholders. They do their utmost to see to it that every expenditure of time yields maximum return. Whereas you and I see an apparently limitless flow of “news” from a seemlingly infinite array of sources, each of those sources has a much more constrained, more linear view of the world. We feel like we’re being shot at from all sides, but each one of them can only fire one shot at a time, so they want to make every shot count as much as possible.

When something doesn’t show up in the media, it isn’t because they’re trying to hide it; it’s because it literally isn’t worth their time to show it. There are other, more profitable ways for them to spend that time. This is really the only piece of information they — or anyone else — is trying to hide from us.

Stay sceptical, my friends.