Over-doing It

Last night’s dinner was to include a medley of broccoli and cauliflower to go with a slow-cooked pork roast.   Distracted by a phone call (or a political article I just had to comment on), the five-or-so minute steaming of the veggies went on for more like 15 minutes.   The broccoli was almost impossible to pick up with anything but a fork, and the cauliflower was almost as soft.   I just hate to through anything out, most of all food, so rather than consign it to the compost (or the chooks), I thought I’d just go for broke and turn these into a paleo version of mashed potatoes.    Normally I’d add roasted garlic and fresh rosemary from the garden, but I took a shortcut on the garlic and just used a bit of garlic powder.   Herbs added, I got out the kitchen wand and literally whipped up a rather delicious, creamy  concoction.   I’d include a recipe, here, but it’s just too damned simple.   There are so many ways to vary this, but the basic idea is to salvage overcooked veggies (or deliberately overcook them.)

White veggies such as cauliflower and parsnip will produce something that has roughly the same look and texture of “real” mash.  You could probably even hold back a bit of the parsnip during the initial whipping to add in for a few seconds at the end to give a more chunky texture.   Other, far more colorful variations are easily created using yams, beetroot, capsicum (red, yellow, green), carrots, etc.  Add a bit of ghee or olive oil or avocado oil to make it a bit more buttery.

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